Deep fried beans, chickpeas and fine herbs, croquettes served with Tahina sauce


Pureed chickpeas with sesame oil and lemon juice.

Shawarma Sa’aj

Toasted Chicken Shawarma wrapped in a tin bread

Kibbeh Msklieh

Deep fried meatballs mixed with crushed wheat mashed onion filed with minced lamb and onions

Hummous Shawarma

Chickpeas puree with sesame paste (Tahina) lemon juice dressing topped with sliced lamb or chicken shawarma

Hummous Beiruty

Chickpeas puree with sesame paste (Tahina) hot pepper parsley garlic and lemon juice.




Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, radish, smac, toasted Lebanese bread with lemon and olive oil dressing.


Fine chopped parsley with tomatoes onion mint crushed wheat lemon juice and olive oil.

Feta Cheese Salad

Mixed salads, olives, sweet chilli, spring onion, oregano with olive oil dressing



Shish Taouk

Cubes of chicken breast marinated in garlic, Lemon juice, spices and olive oil grilled on skewers. Served with rice

Chicken Wings

Grilled marinated chicken wings served with grill sauce and fries

Half Grill Chicken

Served with rice or fries - Full Chicken (£12.00)


Charcoal Grill

Big eat – Al-rabie especial dish

mixed Grilled Lamp and Chicken

Lahem meshwi

Tender of lamb cubes grilled on skewers with onion. Served with rice

Mixed Grill (3 skewers)

Lamb cubes., seasoned minced lamb, chicken cube grilled on skewer. Served with rice



Mixed Shawarma

Roasted thin slices of marinated lamb and chicken platter served with  choice of salad & bread or Rice

Chicken Shawarma

Roasted thin slices of marinated chicken, platter served with salads

Alrabie Grilled Shawarma

Shawarma Lamb or Chicken grilled with fries tomato, onion and hot spices. Served with fries


Sea Foods

Sea Bass

Marinated in cajun herbs and spices. Char grilled and served with rice.


Soft Drink & Juice





Lemonade / Mint




Orange Juice


Ayran(Youghurt drink)


Fizzy drink